Illinois Workers’ Compensation Laws

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Laws

Workers’ compensation is designed as a no-fault system of employer-paid benefits for workers who become injured or develop a work-related disease on the job.

Each state has its own workers’ compensation rules and regulations. In Illinois, if you become injured at work, you are entitled to benefits no matter who caused your injury or disease.

What is Covered?

Usually, every injury that is caused - fully or partially - through your work will be covered under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. This also includes any pre-existing conditions you may have had that were intensified due to your work. In addition, injuries related to your job that were endured outside of your place of business will be covered.

What is Not Covered?

Not all injuries are covered under workers’ compensation benefits. You are ineligible for benefits under the following instances:

  • Self-imposed injuries
  • Injuries endured after you started a fight
  • Injuries endured during the time you were committing a serious crime
  • Injuries endured while you were not working
  • Injuries endured during the time you were violating company guidelines

Does My Employer Have Legal Obligations to Fulfill?

Yes, in addition to providing workers’ compensation benefits, your employer is also obligated to the following:

  • A notice must be posted in every workplace location to describe employees’ workers’ compensation rights
    • The notice must contain the name, policy number, and contact details of your employer’s insurance provider.
  • Preserve documents pertaining to injuries on the job and report ailments that comprise of over three days of lost work to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC).
  • Abstain from aggravating, releasing, rejecting your rehire, or otherwise discriminating against you for exercising your lawful rights
  • May not bill you for any portion of your workers’ compensation insurance premiums or benefits

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