How to Collect Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Illinois

How to Collect Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Illinois

If you become injured as a result of a workplace accident, you may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation benefits are a form of accident insurance that are paid for by employers.

These benefits are designed to pay for your medical expenses, and in the event you are unable to work for a period of time, these benefits will also cover any wage losses you experience as a result of your injury.

Read on to learn how to obtain workers’ compensation benefits.

Steps to Take

  1. Obtain medical attention. If you become injured at work, the first step is to get medical care immediately. If you need attention right away, go to urgent care or an emergency room.
  2. Tell your employer. Let your employer know about your injuries as soon as you can. Your claim may be denied if you do not alert your employer of your injuries within 45 days of the accident.
  3. Record your ailments. Keep detailed and accurate records of your injuries. This includes every doctor you see and their opinions. In addition, you should retain the receipts and bills you get from medical providers, pharmacies, and stores where you purchase over-the-counter materials that you use to care for your injuries. It’s also a good idea to take notes about the ways your injuries are affecting your life.
  4. Stay in contact with your employer. You will be required to report to your employer regularly to complete any necessary documentation they have for you.

We Can Help You

It is not always wise to file for workers’ compensation benefits on your own. For a better chance of a successful claim, it’s a good idea to hire experienced representation, such as our attorneys at Chute, O’Malley, Knobloch & Turcy. Our team is highly experienced in workers’ compensation law, and we have helped many people, just like you. Don’t hesitate to contact our firm with your case right away.

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